Dr. Hector Roa Morales | 14th European Congress of Integrative Medicine
ECIM 2022...

Dr. Hector Roa Morales

Alternative therapies And Homeophaty
Tema da palestra
Homeosiniatry and longevity
In this lecture we’re going to analyze from the philosophy of the Chinese traditional medicine, and the bio regulatory drugs applied on acupuncture points, to optimize the physiological mechanisms of aging.

MD. National University of Colombia, alternative therapies specialist (Manuela Beltran University, Colombia), homeopathic medicines specialist (Luis G. Paez University Foundation, Colombia), author of the book Homeosiniatry: from the conscience of the water to the memory of the Tao, international speaker of homeosiniatry, acupuncture and homeopathy, developer of the software ‘Aurea - Medicina Alternativa’