Dra. Cristina Figueira | 14th European Congress of Integrative Medicine
ECIM 2022...

Dra. Cristina Figueira

Integrative Medicine Doctor
Tema da palestra
How to conceive, carry and raise healthy children

How to plan for conception, gestation, labour and the first years of life, having a perspective of better health and immunity in mind.

The best practices for natural care that can raise a child’s immunity and provide better pilars for a healthy life in the future.

Current state of our microbiome, and how the mind, emotions, food and environment play a role in this.

Actions that a family can take to improove their children’s health and their own, starting today.

Homeopathy - Dr. G. Vithoulkas, Integrative Medicine - Dr V. Sorrentino, New German Medicine - Dr C. Markolin, Functional Breathwork, Endocanabinoid medicine, Gut-brain connection specialist.