Dra. Shweta Rastogi | 14th European Congress of Integrative Medicine
ECIM 2022...

Dra. Shweta Rastogi

Ph.d. Scholar, Consciousness Researcher, Quantum Science
Tema da palestra
NeuroScience and Spirituality
The true meaning and purpose of life is revealed in the journey from base level of Intelligence, conditioned thought patterns to higher awakened creative aspects to our own Self-the real source of happiness. 
And that’s the promise of quantum science, it’s knowledge can help us to transform if we so choose; from a transactional ego-me to a transformed I, provided we must have a healthy curiosity towards exploring higher potentialities. 
We must go beyond our tendencies of inertia, conditioning, learn-unlearn, and re-learn. Because the purpose of life is the fulfillment of the potentialities.

MBA,Ph.D. scholar,Certified Quantum Science and Conscious Leader,Executive Program in Business Management from IIM-C India,Consultant-Business Analyst, Quantum Life Coach, Educationist, Trainer, International Speaker, Conducts Mind-Brain workshops, Founder-QIC, Program development.