Prof. Dr. Lamberto Re | 14th European Congress of Integrative Medicine
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Prof. Dr. Lamberto Re

Clinical Pharmacology and Ozone
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Ozone Treatment for wellbeing and aging: are we ready to take care of our future?

Dr. Re got his Medical Doctor Degree in the Medical Faculty of Ancona University in the year 1983. During his career at he cooperated with Max Plank Institute of Gottingen (Germany) and Fidia Georgetown University (USA) for the characterization of the pharmacology of neuro-mediators release in central and peripheral synapses. Author of many articles in the Neurophysiology field following the Patch Clamp techniques and on the molecular mechanisms of drug action. Cooperates with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Phase IV Drug Surveillance Program. Until 2010 was Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology in the same University. Since 1991 started his interest in the Holistic Medicine following the concepts of System Medicine and in the same years began his activity in the field of Ozone Treatment. To date, he is recognized as an international expert on the ozone protocols and on its uses as a fundamental complement of conventional medicine. Invited by the DOHMS of Dubai UAE in 2002 contributed to the development of the Ozone Center in Rashid Hospital in 2001. Awarded with Riccardo Monti Prize for “Scientific work done to spread ozone therapy practice in Italy and around the world”, Florence, May 2013. President of FIO (Italian Federation of Ozone Therapy) from Jun 2015 – Sep 2017. Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of World Federation of Ozone Therapy ( Author of more than 200 publications in international journals with almost 86 scientific contributions on the pharmacological characterization of the ozone action. Currently devoted to the worldwide dissemination of the most recent scientific discoveries regarding the activation of the Nrf2 metabolic pathway and the characterization of the most effective doses for the best control of health, longevity and aging throughout ozone administration.