Prof. Dra. Allyson Penin | 14th European Congress of Integrative Medicine
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Prof. Dra. Allyson Penin

Mastography by electroimpedance
Tema da palestra
Longevity Functional Medicine- early detection of breast cancer
Early detection of breast cancer is fundamental por longevity, there are a lot of studies that proved in different countries that a patient with early detection has minimun invasive treatment. Electroimpedance is the method for excellence that is now used in transoperatory for diagnostic and in breast cancer is the first screening useful for young people, dense breast with high sensibility and especificity.

General Surgeon study in University Autonom of México. Mastography by electroimpedance study in Yaroslav, Russia. Master´s degree in Bioneuroemotion study in Barcelona, Spain. LATAM Investigator and trainer of Mastography by electroimpedance. Working in diferent proyects of investigation and programs of early detection of breast cancer in Mexico