Programa | 14th European Congress of Integrative Medicine
ECIM 2022...

30 de setembro > Sexta-feira

9h00Dra. Ana Moreira ( Presidente do congresso)Abertura oficial do Congresso e agradecimentos+
9h20Câmara Municipal Gaia
9h30Prof. Dr. Stefan N. WillichPerspectives of Integrative Medicine+
9h45Prof. Dr. Benno Brinkhaus (President of ESIM)Future of Integrative Medicine (in Germany)+
10h00Dra. Isabel Giralt (President of SESMI)Future of Integrative Medicine (in Spain)+
10h15Dr. Elio RossiFuture of Integrative Medicine (in Italy)+
10h30Dra. Elizabeth Thompson (President of NCIM)Future of Integrative Medicine (in UK)+
10h45Dr. Frans Kusse (President of AVIG)Future of Integrative Medicine (in Netherlands) *
10h55Dr. José Tinao
The Integrative Medicine model within a hospital+
11h10Prof. Dr. Avni Sali (President of NIIM)Future of Integrative Medicine (in Australia) *+
11h20Dra. Ana MoreiraFuture of Integrative Medicine (in Portugal)+
11h35Prof. Dr. Stefan N. WillichESIM price for clinical and basic research+
11h50Dr. Elio Rossi2023 Congress+
12h-13hVisita Stands Patrocinadores
13h-14hAlmoço livre
14h00Dr. Thomas RauIon-Induction-Therapy (IIT) and Irritable bowel syndrome+
14h20Dr. Mariano BuenoIntegrative Medicine and Longevity. TOXIpheresis a new tool to slow down Aging+
14h40Prof. Dra. Allyson PeninLongevity Functional Medicine and early detection of breast cancer+
15h00Dr. Roni MoyaRegenerative Biomedicine in Immune Rejuvenation+
15h15Dr. Santiago NunesIntegrative Cardiology for better results+
15h30Dr. Alexandre LucaEndovenous Vitamins and Longevity+
15h45Dr. Francisco LlanoRegenerative Medicine applied to Integrative Medicine+
16h-17hVisita Stands Patrocinadores / Poster session
17h00Dra. Valentina OnisorQuantum Gerontology+
17h15Dr. Armando SolarteBeyond plasticity: Strategies to overcome the deficit+
17h40Prof. Dr. Bruno Ribeiro do CoutoBraining: the secret for Longevity+
18h00Dra. Ana MoreiraLongevity and Integrative Medicine+
18h20Dra. Ana MoreiraEncerramento
18h30Reunião anual ESIM
20hJantar - Congresso à mesa

* Palestra online

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1 de outubro > Sábado

8h30Fernando Salgado BlancoAULA QiCong
10h00Prof. Dr. Manuel Pinto CoelhoThe Seed and the soil - The secret of the Immune System+
10h20Dr. Rodrigo AyoubEustress and Longevity+
10h40Dra. Ivone MirpuriHistamin Intolerance and Hormonal imbalance+
11h00Dra. Leticia PhilippiOzone: a surprising gas in Longevity and Health!+
11h20Prof. Dr. Lamberto ReOzone Treatment for wellbeing and aging: are we ready to take care of our future?+
11h50Dr. Helio PereiraHomeopaty and Integrative Medicine - the Link+
12h05Dra. Maria Dolores PuertaMicrobiota-gut-brain axis, from emotions to health and vice versa+
12h25Dra. Cheryl BurdetteThe Triad of Gut Destruction; The Dance of Diamine Oxidase, Zonulin, LPS and Dysbiosis+
12h45Dr. Gerrit Jan GerritsmaPanchakarma: Detox Treatments+
13h-13h30Reunião Anual Sócios SPMI
13h30-15h30Almoço livre / Visita Stands Patrocinadores
15h30Prof. Dr. Mário SimõesJubilie and Longevity- Psychological Contributions+
15h45Dr. Ernesto PrietoAdvances in Bio-Gerontology+
16h15Prof. Dr. Gerry CurattolaThe Top 10 Sources of Chronic Inflammation and Toxicity in the Mouth+
16h45Dra. Alejandra MenassaParkinson: the contribut of IM+
17h00Dr. Jairo GuerreroGlutathion and Longevity+
17h15Dra. Alejandra PlavanTumor microenvironment and longevity
17h30Prof. Dr. Elio RossiIntegrative Oncology+
17h50Dra. Ana MoreiraEncerramento oficial do Congresso

Programa em atualização

2 de outubro > domingo - online

Dra. Alexandra VasconcelosLongevity Covid Control with Microimmunotherapy for Healthy Longevity+
Dr. Efrain OlszewerReversible risk factors that accelerate aging
Dra. Josepa RigauIntegration of microimmunotherapy in the antiaging strategy+
Dr. William CowdenPreventing Pandemics from Cutting Your Life Short+
Dra. Viviana CamposImpact of sarcopenic obesity on metabolic health+
Dr. Artur LemosRole of Mitochondria in Aging+
Evelyn Vargas MachucaNutrition, health and longevity
Dr. Ricardo TrajanoPhotobiomodulation in the context of integrative health+
Dr. Adalton StracciThe keys to longevity seen from the point of view of blood analysis and Correlation with iris fibres in Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine- Biomolecular+
Prof. Eunice ErmelThe color of time+
Dra. Anabela Peres de SousaThe importance of the mouth in general health! What is important to consider?+
Dr. Juan Carlos GallozaAutism and Ozone Therapy+
Dr. Tony JimenezThe Integrative Hallmarks and the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Theraphy+
Dra. Regeane KaniakMaxillomandibular osteoimmunology and systemic diseases+
Dra. Sandhya KanadeInvoking the principles of Integrative Medicine in Hospital Medicine+
Dr. Ralf OettmeierInnovative approaches in diagnosing and cleansing of environmental toxicity+
Dra. Acácia JordãoOrthomolecular approach in Ophthalmology+
Dr. Félix PedreroTreatment of temporo mandibular joint diseases with ozone PRP infiltrations+
Dr. Ton NicolaiIntegrative Medicine & Politics+
Dra. Mara FragomeniWhat is Anti-Aging Medicine?+
Dra. Dúria de OliveiraBody and Facial Harmonization - Ozone Therapy Immersion
Jan BrabandLipossomes- The Future of Food Suplements
Dr. Homer LimFuture of Integrative Medicine (in Philiphinas)+
Dr. Carlos OrozcoThe Integration of Energy Coherence and Congruence+
Dr. Rodrigo VenticinqueBiological dentistry and safe amalgam removal
Dr. Tony JimenezThe Integrative Hallmarks and the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Theraphy
Prof. Dr. AmitQuantum Integrative Medicine

Programa em atualização